09:00 ? 10:00 Registration

10:00 ? 10:15 Welcome & Introduction

by Professor Martin Hall, Vice Chancellor, University of Salford

10:15 ? 11:15 Keynote: Life is a Game

by Ian Livingstone CBE

Ian will give an entertaining and visual account of his struggles as an entrepreneur in the 1970s when he and Steve Jackson set up Games Workshop, launched Dungeons & Dragons in Europe, and wrote the multi-million selling Fighting Fantasy gamebooks series. From analogue to digital, he will give a brief history of computer games, past, present and future, highlighting the value of intellectual property in a digital age by telling the incredible story of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. He will end with his digital skills work with Government in promoting the teaching of computer science in schools.

11:15 ? 11:30 Refreshment break

11:30 ? 13:00 BBC and the Future of Media

Adrian Woolard from BBC Research & Development will introduce a range of colleagues from across Future Media division to share insight into the BBC’s move to MediaCityUK, highlight the range of output, practices and challenges the media sector is facing in design and engineering. He will talk specifically about the BBC’s ‘future vision of a New Broadcasting System’ and also talk about Connected Studio ? an open innovation initiative to rapidly develop and deliver new forms of ‘storytelling’. The other speakers will be:
– Mike Smith, Group Engineering Manager, Mobile Platforms will discuss “Inside the Antiques Roadshow App ? from the production workflow to the device technology stack this presentation gives an overview of how we built our dual screen play along experience”.
– Jon Howard, Executive Product Manager for Future Development in Children’s will talk about “Games & Broadcasters ? Destination Tablet?”
– Tom Bradley, Creative Director for User Experience and Design will talk about design process and the design thinking skills required to work in Knowledge and Learning area of BBC.

13:00 ? 13:45 Lunch

An opportunity to view the poster display, Telling Tales entries and exhibitor stands

13:45 ? 15:00 The SME experience at MediaCityUK

With the vision to become a leading international hub for the creative and digital sectors, we invite MediaCityUK planners and tenants to discuss the development and the vital contribution made by SMEs to the growing ecosystem:
– Jon Corner, CEO of The Landing introduces the digital business hub and the configuration for SMEs
– Paul Newman, Director of Communications at The Peel Group discusses the MediaCityUK eco-system
– Paul Austin, Dock10′s Head of Post Production and Content will speak about engaging the indies and the connected community
– Andy Lovatt, Mediasmiths Managing Director presents the technology incubator
– Cathy Cross, Creative Director of 4D Creative and Gemma Ackerley, Business Director at Carbon Digital deliver the SME perspective

15:00 ? 15:15 Refreshment break

15:15 ? 16:30 Research Presentations (3 sessions run in parallel, 5 papers at each)

1A: Data & Networks
1B: Transport & Rural Digital
1C: Healthcare
Evening Reception with Technology Demonstrators

With guest speaker Chris Thompson, Partnerships Director for the Connected Digital Economy Catapult Centre
The poster display, Telling Tales entries and exhibitor stands will be situated in the University of Salford foyer on Tue 5 & Wed 6.
09:00 ? 10:00 Keynote: New Business & Economic Models and the Personal Data Economy

by Prof Irene Ng, Director of the International Institute for Product and Service Innovation at WMG, University of Warwick
There is a sense that personal data is becoming a precious resource both to the economy and to the individual. The challenge is to understand when and how personal data can be valuable, to whom, and the rights of both the generator of personal data (individuals) and the collector (usually government or firms). Even while the debate continues on privacy and rights of such data, there is little understanding of the value and worth of personal data. Professor Irene Ng talks about how value and worth is created from greater openness and digital visibility of lived lives and its impact on new business and economic models.

10:00 ? 11:00 A FutureEverything insight

Presentation of the award winning Manchester festival and internationally recognised innovation lab. For 19 years, FutureEverything has innovated in methods and mechanisms for research and knowledge exchange around the emergence of a digital economy. It provides a highly effective, research-led interface between academic research, on the one hand, and the creative and digital economy, on the other. Project team members discuss UK and international programmes around open data, smart cities, data art, climate services and design methods. Speakers include: Drew Hemment, Tom Higham, Julian Tait, Simon Webbon, Hwa Young Jung, Dave Mee

11:00 ? 11:15 Refreshment break

11:15 ? 12:45 Knowledge Exchange in the Digital Economy

Team members from AHRC Knowledge Exchange (KE) Hubs will discuss the strategic value of design to create new products, experiences, business models and opportunities in collaboration with SME’s and micro businesses, agencies and corporations. The session will focus on scoping and case studies that explore the Hubs work to date, where Digital Public Space and future EU/UK Challenges provide a backdrop for innovation. Speakers include: Rachel Cooper & Naomi Jacobs, The Creative Exchange, Georgina Follett & Mel Woods, Design in Action

12:45 ? 13:30 Lunch
13:45 ? 14:45 Research Presentations (3 sessions run in parallel, 4 papers at each)

2A: Play & Games
2B: Social
2C: Enterprise

15:00 ? 17:30 Workshops (5 sessions running in parallel)

A: Working digitally with communities: the Connected Communities Programme, digital activities, culture and community
B: Spaces of Flows 1.0: A working experience using Sixth Sense Transport technology
C: Towards Meaningful: Perspectives on Online Consent
D: The Cultural Value of Data: Opening Digital Research to the Creative Industries
E: Digital Interactions between Formal and Informal Knowledge
Evening Reception & Awards Ceremony

Private members club for MediaCityUK professionals OnThe7th, will be open to full conference delegates to continue networking as we announce the winners of the best paper prizes as sponsored by BT, and this year’s winners of the £10k Telling Tales award.
The poster display, Telling Tales entries and exhibitor stands will be situated in the University of Salford foyer on Tue 5 & Wed 6.
09:00 ? 10:15 Research Presentations (3 sessions run in parallel, 5 papers at each)

3A: Cities & Digital Communities
3B: Digital Personhood
3C: New Economical Models

10:15 ? 10:30 Refreshment break

10:30 ? 11:30 Industry Panel

Key user sectors in the digital space discuss the big issues and challenges organisations are interested in around the research and skills agenda in the Digital Economy space. John Baird, Lead for the RCUK Digital Economy Theme will chair the panel of speakers:
– Peter Waggett, Emerging Technology Programme Leader at IBM
– Maria Slowinska, Innovation Programme Leader at Cisco
– Henning Kaltheuner, Head of Product Management at Riedel
– Ian Forrester, Senior ‘Firestarter’ Producer at BBC
– Fraser Burton, Head of University Partnerships at BT Research & Technology

11:45 ? 12:45 Keynote: Let’s Be Open

by Prof Dame Wendy Hall
Wendy Hall will discuss recent developments in “Openness” with specific focus upon the opportunities offered by the convergence of Open Data, Open Research and Open Learning. She will draw upon contemporary examples from the Web Observatory, Open Data Institute and the Web Science MOOC to highlight the aspects of openness that are now working well, and also those which are proving more challenging.

12:45 ? 13:00 Summary & 2014 Announcement

13:00 ? 13:30 Take away lunch