Call for Submissions

The call for submissions has now CLOSED. All applicants will be notified in August.

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Call for:

Submission Deadline: Monday 1 July 2013 midnight BST

This year the conference has a particular focus on Open Digital exploring the concept of digital openness, from the implications of shareware and gift economies to open-source creative communities and open access data, content and ideas.

This two and half day event will include keynote speakers, paper presentations, integrated workshops, demonstrations and posters.

We now seek submissions focusing on any aspect of the Digital Economy; topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Healthcare
  • Connected Home & Community
  • Creative Industries
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Digital Inclusion
  • New Economic Models
  • IT as a Utility
  • Sustainable Society
  • Communities & Culture
  • Trust, Security & Privacy
  • Evaluations of Impact

Submissions are welcome from anyone in the research or industrial community whether funded by the RCUK Digital Economy Theme or not. We also welcome submissions from others active in or impacted by the Digital Economy.

Submissions from doctoral students are particularly welcome, whether associated with one of the Digital Economy Centres for Doctoral Training or indeed other Digital Economy activity, and such papers will be reviewed separately to ensure representation of this body of work at the event.

Creation of a community in the UK that is capable of world class, leading research in the Digital Economy area is a key aim of the Digital Economy Theme. The All Hands Meeting is a key event designed to encourage the development of this community.

A technology-rich, digitally enabled event

We want DE2013 to be a digitally enabled event, one which takes traditional outputs such as papers and posters and translates them into accessible, compelling digital artefacts which invite interaction.  The University of Salford campus at MediaCityUK has a unique set of digital technologies, and the Programme Team will be considering ways of translating a selection of the best papers and posters into unique and engaging digital content.  The kind of technologies we have at our disposal include:

  • 10 interactive touch tables, allowing users to browse, sort and interact with academic papers, posters, digital video, data;
  • A media wall consisting of 120 Christie micro-tiles, providing a large scale, high definition public display, with the potential for gesture-led interactivity via Kinect controllers;
  • 3 full HD TV studios;
  • 10 HD screens around the public spaces in the building;
  • expertise in content production including video, audio and online.

Please feel free at this stage to make suggestions for how your submission might be enhanced by technology.

Paper Presentations & Poster Proposals

Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts of unpublished, original work of no more than 3 pages in length with the word “PAPER:” as the first word in the title. Please format according to the ACM publication format. The third page should only be used for figures, tables and references. Authors whose abstracts are not accepted may be invited to submit a poster.

Poster only submissions are also welcome (2 page abstract required, with the word “POSTER:” as the first word in the title) and should be prepared to ACM publication format also.

It is intended that there will be a Best Paper prize and a Best Student Paper prize (where the student is expected to be the first named submitted at author).

Papers/posters should be submitted via: EasyChair

Submissions with a student first author should select the “Student submission’ option; all others should select “Regular submission’.


Proposals are welcomed for workshops lasting 2.5 hours to be held on the second day.

Workshops may address any theme within the Digital Economy, but preference will be given to those which demonstrate alignment with the four challenge areas: IT as a Utility, Sustainable Society, New Economic Models, Communities & Culture.

Workshops should aim to bring together interested parties to demonstrate technologies, explore conceptual themes, build communities, generate funding proposals, or simply to further develop a particular theme. Proposals are welcomed that will excite and engage audiences; our aim is that every delegate will be interested in taking part in a workshop.

Proposals should be no more than two sides of A4 (as PDF) and should be structured as follows:

  • Workshop Title
  • Proposed Chair(s) and their Details
  • Description of the Workshop
  • Proposed Activities & Outcomes
  • Technical & Accommodation Requirements
  • Any Additional Information / Comments

Please note that Workshop organisers will be responsible for recruiting speakers, and that attendance will be limited to the size of accommodation that is available at the venue.

Workshop proposals should be submitted with “WORKSHOP:” as the first word in the title, via EasyChair.

Technology Demonstrators

Authors are also invited to submit descriptions of technology demonstrators and installations. DE2013 will feature a demonstration session as part of the core programme. Demo submissions should be prepared as a 2 page abstract.

Submissions should include the following: details of the application/deployment scenario; description of the demonstrator/installation; discussion of technologies used and innovative features; lessons learned; technical/other requirements for the demo at DE2013: Open Digital.

Demo abstracts should be submitted with the word “DEMO:” as the first word in the title, prepared to ACM publication format and submitted via EasyChair.