Organising Team

General Chair: Prof Brian Longhurst (University of Salford)

Programme Co-Chair: Dr Nick Race (Lancaster University)

Programme Co-Chair: Prof Paul Sermon (University of Salford)

Doctoral Training Centre Chair: Dr Leslie Carr (University of Southampton)

Demo Chair: Richard Mortier (The University of Nottingham)

Workshop Chair: Dr Adrian Woolard (BBC)

Logistics: Kelly Burgess (University of Salford)

Local Arrangements: Clare Forster & Vicky Beckett (University of Salford)

Webmaster: Michael Richards (University of Salford)

Publicity: Danielle Perigoe (University of Salford)

Steering Committee:
Prof Pete Edwards (The University of Aberdeen)
Prof Derek McAuley (The University of Nottingham)


Programme Committee

Sami Istephan (BT)

Prof Terrence Fernando (University of Salford)

Mike Hession (University of Salford)

John Baird (EPSRC)

Prof Jian Jun Zhang ( University of Bournemouth)

Prof Phil Willis (University of Bath)

Prof Tim Norman (University of Aberdeen)

Prof Gordon Blair ( Lancaster University)

Lisa Harris (Southampton University)

Graeme Earl (Southampton University)

Prof Mike Wilson (Falmouth University)

Prof John Nelson (University of Aberdeen)

Mel Woods (University of Dundee)

Prof Guoping Qiu (The University of Nottingham, China)

Dr Richard Adams (University of Exeter)

Prof Andrew Prescott (King’s College London)